Using Rider Swap in TP

Sorry for the stupid question but I am not sure how to map out using rider swap in our touring plans. I understand that selecting the rider swap feature will give extra time for each ride, but what if we would like to use the rider swap later in the day, do you just enter that as a fast pass or a break in your plan later? Or am I wrong to assume that using the rider swap you go through the fast pass later.

Thanks and sorry for the confusing question!!

If you plan to have someone ride twice, you have to do rider swap right after the first person uses it. You can’t come back later…unless you were planning to ride by yourself later.

You are correct that a rider returning with the rider swap pass goes through the fast pass line. I know at least some rides provide you with a voucher thingy that allows you to return later in the day, so you don’t always have to ride back to back. We just usually do it that way, so I’m not sure about the best way to include a later return time in your TP. It seems to me like your idea about adding it as a fast pass would work.

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The rider swaps I have seen have an expiration date for the last day of the month. You can use them later that day or later in your trip or gift them :slight_smile:. I put them in my TP as a “fake” fast pass as you will enter via the FP queue.

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Thanks everyone! I was hoping we can return later in the day, with two toddlers and a 9 year old I am having a hard time planning and keeping our family together.

Typically when I have toddlers & preschoolers in a group with older kids I plan on the littles ending their day earlier, and the older kids getting some more big kids rides in later in the evening. We’ll usually split right after (or right before, depending on the older kids’ antsiness) the parade/fireworks and the littles group will go back to the hotel after, while the big kids group will stay until park closing, or will head to a park that’s open later. This way when you’re doing the “baby” rides earlier in the day the big kids can be placated by the “treat” of having some time without the littles later on. It also helps to try and get some of those less exciting rides in while the big kids group is waiting in line for a rider swap ride.

I’ll be honest and say that sometimes everyone is a little happier when we just take a few hours during the day to “divide and conquer”, as well. This is even more useful if you’re going to a character meal that the big kids don’t really care about… you can send them out to get a QS bite and do a thrill ride while you’re free to enjoy the characters without a lot of “can we go now?”.