Using park tickets before checking in at Disney hotel

We are staying part of our vacation at a Universal hotel and part at a Disney hotel. I have bought 3 days of Disney park tickets with my resort package but will have to use one day of the park ticket before we check-in to the Disney hotel. Can we do this and if so can we use the extra magic park hours for resort guests on that particular day? Thanks!

Will you be checking in on that day, but just won’t have physically gone to the hotel? If so, and you’ve checked in online, you are fine to use the ticket and the EMH.

If you’re not checking in till a later date, you definitely can’t use EMH as you’re not a resort guest. You may be able to use the ticket - I think I’ve heard of people having tickets activated a day early at guest services - but I’m not sure about that.

Thanks! No we definitely would have not checked in as yet as I would like to use it two days before we check in to the Disney hotel. I will ask Disney directly if I can get the tickets activated early.

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You should have no problem using the tickets, but you won’t be able to the extra magic hours if you’re not checked in.

I agree with the above - you can definitely use the ticket, but not the extra magic park hours. But, one word of warning from my perspective. This shouldn’t have happened to us last year, but it did. We went straight to Epcot instead of checking in at our hotel in person. We did do the online check in. As it happened, our Magic Bands didn’t work, and we had to spend quite a bit of time at Guest Services getting them activated. I have no idea how frequently this might happen, but just be prepared that there could be a glitch or two - and then if there’s not, even better.

Thanks for the heads up! I am wondering if it is worth visiting the Disney Springs guest services in advance and get our magic bands sorted so that the morning in the park we do not have the added confusion.

Also, if you decide to use them before your actual stay, I don’t think you can book 60d FPs. You will certainly have to wait until 60 days before your check in to book FPs and I don’t think it will let you book any days before those (even if it’s 58 days) until you’ve hit the 30 day limit.

That’s what I’d do.

I think once you hit 60 days, all the previous days open up too.

Are your tickets associated with a package, a free dining package? There seems to be an issue with free dining package tickets. Days extend after your trip but the window never opens for FPs before your trip.

We are staying at an Orlando hotel the night before our admission tickets. We plan to get to the Disney hotel early the day of, check in and activate our bands, and then leave our luggage for later in the day. We did this last time we were at the Disney hotel and it just made everything so much easier. I’d rather do that than stand in line at the park trying to straighten it out while everyone else is getting in!

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