Using other hotels pools

How “easy” is it to use the pool at a WDW resort that you’re not staying in?

I know they’re strict at Stormalong Bay, but what about other hotels?

Can’t. Not allowed.

Clarification: some are actually fenced off and accessed with your magic band - and you have to have a reservation at that resort. Others maybe easier. But officially not allowed.

Matthew, have we taught you nothing??

When I visited AKL this year, I couldn’t see anything that would obviously have stopped me using the pool.

AKL is fenced off

ETA I don’t think it had a band reader though

But you can pool hop at Universal hotels, I think…if the need to wander arises. :wink:

There are a couple of places where you can pool hop at a “sister” resort. POFQ and POR as well as AK Jambo and AK Kidani come to mind. There may be others; I’m not sure.

If you’re a Disney Vacation Club owner, I think one of the privileges is the ability to pool hop. It’s an insane (to me, obviously it must make sense for other people or no one would do it) amount of money to buy points, though.

Otherwise, I think pool hopping is verboten.

Limited resorts, but yes.

I thought you could pool hop at All Star with a stay there. I wonder is POP and AOA are the same?

I know that you can’t hop between Pop and AoA unless something changed VERY recently.

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Didn’t know this until planning our trip. Bummer!