Using only one FastPass+?

We are going to WDW in late January, when park levels are 2-3. We will not need FP+ for second tier attractions. Must we select 3 FP+ for different attractions before trying to get another tier one the day of? Example: at Epcot, could we ONLY select FEA at the 60-day-out mark, then right after we ride it try to get a FP+ for Soarin’ or Test Track later in the day? Or must we actually ride two second tier attractions before we can try to get another first tier attraction?

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You must book all 3 FP+, so in your example, you would book FEA and then 2 from tier two. After you have either used the 3 FP+ or let the FP+ time window pass, you can then make another for any tier.
A few tricks to consider using - If you do go on the FP+, as soon as you scan your Magic band for the 3rd FP+, go on he MDE and make the 4th FP+.
Another, from what I’ve heard on here that people do is to get the FP+ for FEA, be at RD and hit up Soarin’ 1st thing, then do Test Track Single rider line 2nd, and then use your FP+ for FEA.
I’m sure others have suggestions to help.

This is a paste direct from
"Parks With FP Tiering
In Epcot and Hollywood Studios only, FP attractions are divided into two groups, also known as tiers. Guests are able to make up to one selection from Group 1, and up to two selections from Group 2.
Alternatively, guests can also make all three selections from Group 2 if desired.

A second Group 1 attraction in the same park can be scheduled only as a 4th FP or beyond. In other words, scheduling less than 3 FPs for a day in a tiered park is not a shortcut to getting a second Group 1 FP faster."

So, if this is true, I’d schedule the 2nd and 3rd fp as early as possible, I guess, and knock them out.

The conventional wisdom, I think is to RD Soarin, single ride Test Track, and FP FEA if you want it.
Recently, Thursdays have been EP’s am EMH day. A few weeks ago on the AM EMH day, I was able to get in Soarin 2x and TT 2x using only one FP for TT. Would have all been pretty much walk on, but TT went down for about 15 minutes.

I’m in the same boat. Visiting end of January so really only need FP for 1st tier rides.
On the day we are visiting Epcot starting around 4pm this is how I booked my FP:
Nemo 2pm, SE 3pm, Soarin’ 4pm. That way the two FP we don’t need will expire before we even get in the park, then after we enter Soarin I can hopefully book another FP for another 1st tier. I know the likelihood of a 1st tier FP being available is slim, but it’s worth trying.

Got it. Many thanks!