Using modify for same day fast pass drops with tiers, please help me understand!

Ok, I am trying to create a smart plan B in case I can’t get a flight of passage fast pass tomorrow morning (please let the Disney gods be kind and let me just get the fast pass…) and I don’t think I understand how the tiers work in terms of modifying at a same day drop time.

If we use a Navi River Journey and a Kilimanjaro Safaris fast pass and then at the 11:01 same day drop time we want to modify our third fast past to a Flight of passage fast pass, is that possible? Or will that not be allowed since we used a tier one already (Navi River) but have not used two tier twos?

Thanks for helping this newbie!

You can’t have a FPP for Navi and for FoP at the same time. You could try to modify your Navi to a FoP FPP during one of the same day drop times. Now if you have already used your Navi and KS FPPs then yes you could get a FoP FPP. Does that make sense?

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You have to use all three FPP before you can get another Tier 1 FPP at the same park.

This. You can’t modify your 2nd tier 2 to a 2nd tier 1 in the same park.


Got it. So then given that we aren’t brave enough to rope drop FOP, we should rope drop Navi and just get three tier 2 fast passes (probably EE, KS, and KRR), knowing we can modify one of those to FOP at the same day drop time if they are available.

Thanks so so much for your help.

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They would have to use another tier2 FP before getting FoP.

If they hadn’t used their Navii FP, they could try to modify that at the time of the drop to FoP, since both are tier1.


Good point. Yes, they would if they had another tier 2.

They would have to anyway. If you stay in the same park you cannot get another tier1 until you’ve used 3 FPs.


Yes this. Or you could get an afternoon Navi fp to modify. Just in case you’re late for RD.

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