Using magic bands that have not 'entered' a park

We’re (6 of us) going to WDW in October, and arriving on different days. We have our admission media (also different lengths).

My daughter (notice how I don’t take credit for attempting to be underhanded) asked if the magic bands have to be used to enter the parks before being used for FP+?

In other words, if we have 6 magic bands, but only 4 of us enter a park, can we use FP+ reservations made on the 2 bands of the people that aren’t with us? Is the system that smart?

Just wanting to know.

Interesting. Almost positive the band has to enter the park first. After that, game on

From the days of the old “paper” tickets, if you hadn’t scanned the ticket for entry, you couldn’t get FP on it.

Considering how linked everything is, I highly doubt you could use it for FP+ if it hadn’t scanned entering.

Remember, the info is not really in the MB. That’s just a personalized link to their database. When you scan, either for entry or FP+, it’s checking the database for the info, to see if it’s ok.

The band does not have to enter the park. The persons band you are using for FPP could be sitting all alone in NY while you are on a solo trip getting double FPP’s. I do it all the time.
(Edit) I bring my husband’s AP band along for every trip. It’s probably the only thing that makes him having an AP worth it since he hasn’t been on my last 4 trips.

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Agree with MDU. I was able to use a band that hadn’t entered the park for FPP for Space & Wishes viewing. This was in December.

WOW…that’s fantastic…let’s keep this under wraps…once WDW finds out about this loophole, it will probably be plugged. I hope it still works in October

Yes. Shhhhhhhh

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Thanks! Anyone try old magic bands? Can they be linked to someone else? Perhaps a football team? :slight_smile:

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I brought 6 MBs with me. One was my DH’s for extra FPP, 4 were my old ones to match various outfits, one was the one sent to me for this trip. They all worked fine but thats because they are mine. I don’t believe old bands can be linked to either of the Manning brothers or any of their team mates :wink:

Huh. Learn something new everyday. I’m totally surprised that they would allow FP+ to be used on a band that hasn’t entered the park.

can different bands be linked to the same ticket? we have bands from our trip last November. I was told that we would be sent new bands for this trip. We have annual passes, but got magic bands on our last trip to DVC. Now we have 2 MBs with 2 on order from our next trip…and another 2 potentially from our annual passes.

It isn’t possible to use all the magic bands for different FP+s…is it?

@Armadillo_Alert - was that an AP band, or normal ticket? If it was an AP band, I wonder if that has something to do with it, since you have unlimited entry anyway.

Trying to figure out how to maximize this for our next trip!

I was wondering this just the other day. But I was thinking it couldn’t work because the band has to be linked to a person who has a resort stay. I wasn’t thinking about AP holders, who get to book FPP up to 30 days in advance anytime. How awesome for you guys. Disney shouldn’t figure out a way to fix it. It will sell a hell of a lot of AP’s

Makes being an AP holder much more attractive. You could even rent out your magic band to people for the day so they could get extra FPP’s. How much is that worth to people? Interesting to think on

The way I see it, you would have to have tickets attached to those bands. Not resort stays, just tickets. That would be pretty expensive. If it was multiple days it would get down to about $40 a day? I forget the prices.

I thought so too! Hmmmm. But if the band doesn’t have to be scanned as entering the park, what’s all this business with the fingerprint?

Does this only work for AP MBs or any old mbs? So if one gets new mbs for each trip… or multiple mbs for split stays… hmmmm…

So @MDU that would mean a person entering the park at 4pm on a paper MNSSHP ticket could bring there MB in there bag and use it to make FP between 4-7.

Yes. It was connected to an AP.

So maybe it’s an AP thing, since @MDU also used an AP band. I wonder if anyone else has been able to do this with a regular ticket?

Maybe there is a total disconnect between entry and FP+ usage, but considering how there used to be one, that would surprise me.