Using magic band if not in park

I am going with a friend and I will have six park days and she only will be there for 5 but we had to get her a six day ticket since everyone has to have the same ticket days on a package

My question is can I use her fast passes on the day she is not there and will not have entered the park as long as I have her magic band.

I don’t believe so. The FPP aren’t not available on the band until you have tapped into the park. Since your friend won’t be there to tap in, the FPP on the magic band would not be available.

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No. Her FPs will be available but you’ll freeze her account. It might not matter so much if she’s already left, but she’d have an awful mess to sort out the next time she was going.


Thanks for all your input. Bummer - I don’t want to cheat the system but she paid for days she cant use so thought maybe we could get value from it

I sure do not want to mess up my friends future visit.

Is it possible that she has time to go to the park with you first thing in the morning before her departure? If she’s “in the park” (per the computer system), that might be an option to be able to make use of her FP allotment.

Just don’t try to do so if she’s not been scanned at an entrance tapstile.


If your friend doesn’t visit very often and doesn’t care about her MDE account, then you should be able to use her FPP on an extra day, but as noted above, her account would likely end up getting locked out. If you’re making all the FPP, dining reservations, etc, then you could create another MDE profile of your friend, move her ticket there, and then it would be that alternate profile that would get locked out, which wouldn’t really matter going forward.

I’m not explaining this in detail right now, but the general idea is that you create a new “person” in MDE whose account is essentially disposable, used only for this one trip, and your friend assumes that identity for the vacation. The new person can have the same name as your friend, but just needs to use a different email address from her current MDE profile. It’s not as much work as it may sound, but whether our not one day of FPP is worth this potential hassle is up to you!

It’s worth noting that not only will the account be locked but the FP will not be valid. So you’ll be stopped anyway from using the FP.

The FPs won’t be available. They’ll be invalid and the Mickey head will not turn the right colour.

Why in the world (pun intended!) would they allow you to use the FPs but lock the account? The CM will be able to tell exactly what’s happened and will direct you to do the walk of shame to Guest Services.

There were a FW brave, or shameless, posters elsewhere who told their story when this started happening. Made for a fun read, but I wouldn’t want to experience it! :joy:

That’s not what people have reported. If they just stopped you using the FP they wouldn’t need to lock the account. I know I’ve told you before about someone on chat who tested this. She sent her teenager into EP without her and the kid was able to use her SSE FP. She then ruined the experiment by entering the park herself afterwards and her account wasn’t frozen, but nobody could be sure if it was because it wouldn’t have been anyway and the whole thing isn’t true, or because she did enter the park. But the FP was used by somebody else before she had entered. It wasn’t recognised as invalid.

ETA the reason she was experimenting with it was because liners were saying it wasn’t true that your account would be frozen, they had used (for instance) grandma’s band while she was having a resort day.

That’s very different from what many others have reported happening. What folks have said is that accounts are likely locked overnight, after a day or two of using FPPs in the park.

Have you had recent experience with this?

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Just as with those who had FPs cancelled after making them with party tickets, there were reports of two different outcomes for this scenario.

There were people who found the FPs were not valid. Just as it seems there were people who were allowed to use them.

The moral of this story? Disney’s response was inconsistent. That should not really be surprising. Disappointing - yes, but surprising - sadly not.

Snarky comments about me not remembering every single post you make on this forum seem unwarranted. I’m not on chat and never have been. Therefore I’m unlikely to remember comments referring to conversations that happened on chat.

There were reports on other boards of the FPs not being valid. And then the accounts were banned overnight. So a double whammy.

Once again there was an inconsistent response from Disney. This will not come as a surprise to many, but those who have yet to experience the significant changes made to MDE in the summer of 2016, this is unfortunately a feature of Disney’s IT systems. Inconsistency sadly appears to be their middle name.

I believe Backside of Magic reported that they were able to use all FPs that were booked before the lock, but were unable to make additional ones. Although @Nicky_S makes a great point about them canceling FPs. I thought they were being cancelled because there wasn’t a valid ticket media? In the locked accounts aren’t there usually tickets of some sort linked?

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I think they would lock the account because the assumption would be the magic band has been stolen.

If that was the case I think they would happily unlock the account, but that hasn’t been the case from what I’ve heard…

I think they are locking due to an assumption that the user has abused the system ?


I don’t doubt it. I was talking about what @missoverexcited mentioned about not needing to lock the account if they just blocked the FPs. My point was that they would need to block the account if the MB had been stolen, and if someone is trying to use the FPs on a MB when the MB was not used to tap into the park, it could easily be because someone stole the MB.

Abuse of the system is a reason to block FP access, not necessarily to lock the account.

Although it’s a real attention getter if you want to send a message of “Thou Shall Not Use Other People’s Fastpasses”. And that’s my impression of what DIS is doing now - perhaps not consistently but they have fired enough warning shots by locking people’s accounts that the knowledgeable folk who may have known enough to abuse the system are reticent to risk it as having your account locked is very bad…

Far worse and long lasting than a potential FP denial walk of shame in front of strangers…

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I’ve not heard of anyone being banned for doing this. I’ve heard of accounts being locked and the person with the locked account having to go to guest relations to get the account unlocked. If someone’s actions rose to the level of “banning,” then they must have done so repeatedly using the same account. However, if you come across one of those reports, then I’d be interested if you wouldn’t mind sharing a link.

If this were the case, then it would make more sense to deactivate the suspected stolen band, rather than lock the user’s account. Someone with a legitimately lost or stolen band would likely be using another band or RFID ticket, so why punish them?