Using gift card for alcohol

If we get a gift card for declining house keeping, can we use if for drinks at Disney’s bars/lounges? If I understand it correctly the card will be on your phone, so does it have to be used all at one time or can we use small amounts at different locations?

You should be able to use it on anything at Disney. Food/beverage/merchandise.

I can’t think of any reason why you would have to use it all at once.

We were on the DDP so I used my for tips. Before you use it you can have it put on a actual card.

Assuming what you receive is the same as Disney gift cards you can buy elsewhere, it can be used to purchase almost anything on Disney property. There are a few non-Disney owned places that may not accept the card and everyone once in awhile the readers won’t work at a kiosk or a snack cart, but I use Disney gift cards quite often to buy drinks in Disney bars and lounges, so you should be able to also!

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