Using Genie+ and DAS together?

Using Genie+ and DAS together? Has anyone done this successfully? How does it work?

Thank you!

I have not, but, if memory serves me correctly, in one of the recent Disney Dish episodes (maybe even this week’s) Len answers a listener question about it and gave some good info. Might be helpful to you.

There has been a thread about this today, et me see if I can find it and link it.

Oh it was your thread! I assume you accidentally asked twice.

I’m planning on this, my thought for using DAS on the day of is to “pair” 2 rides near each other, for instance: grab a genie plus for JC and then when your window approaches, try to time a DAS return time for POC to be in a similar window. Then as you’re riding JC your DAS virtual wait is expiring for POC. I used to do this with the FP system. It was much easier to map out when I knew my 3 FP in advance. It’s going to mean a lot of checking waits on my phone to time things correctly.
I feel like I still need both because there are a few rides I am not sure my DAS holder will ride, so I will use G+ for those in case she bails! Will DAS only what I know she will ride.