Using friends MDE account to help her with our planning

We have a trip planned with a group of friends. One friend is getting to Disney 2 days before the rest of us. We are linked as friends MDE, but instead of her trying to get all the dinner reservations for the group, I would like to help her.
Is it possible for us both to use her MDE account to make reservations at the same same time? ?meaning we will both be logged in in her account at once?
We are quite a big party, all staying on property, and would like to plan for the entire week.
Thanks in advance!

We didn’t try this, but I’ve definitely seen Liners say that they were logged in on one device with another family member using the same MDE account on another device.

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My dh and I did this without a problem, both with adrs and fps. We were both at home for the adrs, and I was in hospital for the fps. Didn’t have any problems being in the same account either time.

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Thanks! This will helpful so she doesn’t carry the whole burden.

Do you have your own MDE account? I assume not, since otherwise there’s nothing stopping you just making them on your own account.

But then how are you going to see the plans if you happen to go off on your own for a while in the parks? If you both have smart phones does that count as separate devices, I thought in order for 2 people to be in a single account it had to be 2 operating systems. Just a little confused here.

We both have our own accounts, but because she is getting there two days sooner she can plan for reservations for the group sooner. Since she is staying on property, she can make reservations for the length of her ten day stay, while we can’t start until two days later.

Since most of our time will be together, and we are a larger group, we will have better chance getting the reservations if she is able to make them through her MDE account.

Got it! Missed the bit about her arriving sooner… Makes sense now. :grinning: