Using FPP on MVMCP tips

I was just playing around with making a TP for MVMCP on Nov 21. We will not be doing any other park that day. Just wondering if anyone had tips for using FPP with party days. We will plan to arrive at 4 pm. Would you schedule your FPP for the first three hours with our family’s most wanted rides?

Your FPPs – if you can schedule them at all; reports have varied that it may use up another day’s FPP entitlement – must be for the pre-party hours of 4pm to 7pm. If you plan on doing any characters, etc. during the party, then yes go for your favorite busier rides.

Also, if you use your first FPP at say 4:10, you can always go in to the app and try to move up the second one to an earlier time. But if it is for something like 7DMT, that’s probably not going to happen.

Hoping someone with Halloween tix can share if they could get FPPs!

And yes as above poster mentioned it is only 4-7p you could even book FPP with party tickets assuming that you can.

When I went last year, I was there for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I had a three day ticket with HP option. On Friday I planned to only do MVMCP. I was able to book FFP for that Friday from the 4-7pm window. HOWEVER when I try to book my other FFP for my three days of park tickets I could only do it for two more days. If someone is able to do something different I would be interested.

Have we collectively figured out yet: on a(n) MVMCP day, if you are using a regular MYW park ticket to enter a park (e.g., Epcot), can you book 3 FPP for Epcot on the park ticket, then 3 FPP on your MVMCP ticket for 4-7 pm???

i will be very curious to hear what we learn from MNSSHP about FPP

Pretty sure you cannot book FPP with the party tickets. Since there is no FPP working during the “official” party hours of 7 to midnight, there is no reason for the party tickets to have FPP capabilities on them. So to book FPP for 4-7 you have to use some of your allocations from your park tickets. Plus, realize that you are not using your park tickets to enter the park but your party tickets. So I don’t know if the FPP would even work unless you were using a park day to enter.

We’ve seen plenty of people now book for the Halloween parties between 4-7 just fine with a party ticket. The ticket is good at 4pm and FPP are available.

At this point I would assume yes you will be able to. No, you can’t double dip though- you’d have to create a separate account in MDE and book party tix and 30days prior book party FPP so the system sees your party tix as a separate person and will let you book those and regular ticket FPP.

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ok - so maybe create an MDE with my husbands email? But I guess I don’t link it to my account so that it doesn’t mess up my other FPP? I am guessing that is why I wouldn’t be able to reserve them at the 60 day mark.

I’ve made three fpp in our mnnshp night with just party tickets. One fpp is from 3:55-4:55 which I’m guessing will work Since we will enter park at 4 :slight_smile: I also did this last year on a party night with no problems :slight_smile:

@rachel - did you make it at 30 days out or 60 linked with your normal MDE account?

@benabi you can do it with regular account… As long as you’re not trying to also make other FPP with regular ticket that day too. You could do an account in your husbands name just don’t link it or reservations to it. Link only party tickets. And yes then it will be at 30 days.

If you did it linked with your ressies then the system will also link your regular tickets. Which means you can’t “double dip” if that makes sense @benabi . If that’s not a problem then buy them and link to your account and you can make the FPP with party tix at 60 days out.

thanks for the help! i don’t want to do any double dipping as we aren’t using a regular park ticket. but i don’t want to risk it taking away from my other regular park ticket days as @nightowl04 mentioned happened.

60 days… We are staying one night and just doing party so no other tickets are linked to my mde

Right now I only have MVMCP in my MDE account, I haven’t bought my regular tix yet. Think I will be able to book FPP for my party night?

It has worked for MNSSHP .

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Here are the directions from @AuntB on how to get both your Party Tix FPPs and your regular day tix FPPs