Using FPP and staying offsite

If you are staying offsite and have purchased a 7 day park hopper ticket to the parks and link your tickets to your magic band through MDE, how does Disney control what days you book your FPP’s for? Can you pick FPP’s for nay seven days within the 30 day window? Or I guess a 14 day window (because that’s how long the ticket is valid?)

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It’s not controlled at all. You can make reservations for any seven days between today and 30 days from today.

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You can book for any days within a window of 30 days from the current date. You should only be able to book for 7 days because that is all the park entries you have.

Oh, I thought you had to use the days up with 14 days of the initial use. Thx!

I thought it was within 14 days of the first use. @Mr_Itty had the same answer. I’m wondering all of this because of a thread about AP holders, magic bands and turns out you can use the bands of folks who are not even in the parks. Got me thinking about whether people might buy tickets for “phantom” guests and use their bands in the parks to get extra FPP’s. Expensive thing to do and may not work at all. #Toomuchtimeonmyhands

Tickets do have to be used within 14 days. But that’s not relevant to your FP window. The system doesn’t restrict you because either A) the programmers weren’t smart enough to do that or B) Disney is providing for the possibility that you’ll add NoExpiration at some point.

And yes, some people, including someone on Lines Chat who I’ve already forgotten, are indeed buying multiple tickets for pretend guests, and thus doubling up on FPs. Personally, I think paying an extra $100 for 3 more FastPasses is more than a little ridiculous, but hey who am I to tell anyone how to spend their money.


A ha! I did not know that a liner on chat was already doing it. Agreed, it sounds like an awful lot of money! But folks pay a great deal for premium experiences these days. Disney wins with the phantom guests. More tickets sold, more room in parks for more paying guests and less staffing.

Seems almost like something Disney should advertise: “buy a phantom ticket and get 3 additional FPP! Heck, buy a boatload of phantom tickets and reserve every attraction in all 4 parks! Really, we don’t mind!”

Well following that logic people doing this should fill every hotel room with pretend people who get unisex names like Chris and pat.

On busy days I can see the logic in buying an extra ticket or 2. It’s like the express pass at Universal.