Using Fax request for multiple reservations

We’re taking our family to Disney World in May and have a split stay booked. For our first stay, we’re in 2 suites at AoA (2 reservation numbers), then we move over to Pop Century where we have 3 rooms booked on 2 reservation numbers for the second part of our stay. Is there a way I can still use the room request fax from Touring Plans? The second reservations at AoA and Pop are in my 19yo daughter’s name, but dh and I are paying for everything. Can we send 2 room requests for each portion of our stay? Oh, and it might also help to know we booked through a Disney-authorized TA. Thank you!

It doesn’t matter how you booked. Send one fax for each resort, and in the free text explain that you have 3 rooms, list both reservation numbers, and let them know what you need - connecting, nearby, same building etc.

So the TP fax request will let me send 2 requests for each trip? I guess I was afraid I would configure the fax and then not be able to do a new fax on the same trip. Or do I need to set up separate “trips” for each reservation number?

Yes if you set up 2 dashboards for the 2 different resorts you can send a fax for each one. Not for each reservation number because you can list both in one fax in the free text box. But you’ll have one dashboard for your AOA dates and one for your POP dates.

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I think I got it configured correctly now. Thank you!

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