Using extra CHILD TS credits on regular plan for ADULT QS?

Dining plan question about converting credits: on the Regular dining plan where TS credits are designated for adult and child, if you end up with TS child credits left, can you use those to pay for an adult’s QS meal?

I realize this isn’t the way to maximize things, but we are not doing a TS every day so we’re hoping to get a plan for our family of 2 adults 2 kids and use some of our TS credits to pay for my parents’ TS meals. That works out, but then we will have some child TS left over. But we wouldn’t have enough QS credits and would end up paying for some of that OOP. So wondering if a child TS can convert to a QS for an adult to cover some of the adult QS meals we would pay OOP (or a child QS I suppose, although that’s clearly not a good value!)

I don’t know, but that’s a really interesting question. QS credits aren’t divided into adult/child, so I guess it’s possible.

If you cannot transfer the children’s TS credits, maybe consider paying OOP for some of your children’s QS meals and maximize the rest of your QS credits for the adults.