Using Existing Interactive Wands

We bought an Interactive wand for our daughter on our last trip to UOR four years ago. Wondering if the wand will still work? If it’s battery (or whatever charges it) has died, can it be recharged? Or will we need to buy her a new one? Thanks.

If you take it back to Ollivander’s they will “repair” it (I think they actually replace it) free of charge. We did this in April with my daughter’s wand bought three years ago, and I think she damaged by dropping it.


But if not damaged, it should still work. My son’s wand, also three years old, worked fine

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Thanks for the information. Hopefully her wand will still be working but it is good to know that we won’t need to buy a new one. At least not for her, her younger sister will want one of her own this time. :wink:

Honestly I think this is one of the things that makes these expensive wands a good souvenir if you ever plan on going back. You will rarely get a souvenir that has a lifetime warranty!

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Now I have to remember where I put our wands😕.

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