Using Dining Plan credits and ADRs for 10 people

We are approaching our 180 days and we are a party of 10.

6 of us have the Dining Plan and 4 of us have Quick Service and are paying OP for a few TS meals.

We will be eating some of our TS meals together so if the party of 6 have any TS credits left at the end on the holiday can they use them to pay for the meals of the other 4 who only have QS plan?

Also can we make dining reservation on line for 10 people or would I need to ring? (We have linked our MDE accounts)

The proper answer is no you cannot use your credits for anyone else. The real answer is… maybe, depending on the CM and how nice they feel or how much they are paying attention. As for booking you’ll probably find it easier to book by phone for a group that size. Some of the restaurants can’t accommodate 10 people at one table and it will need to be split up in two reservations.