Using DAS at DLR/DCA

I should be able to get a disability pass for an upcoming trip to CA. I’ve used one in FL and with the MagicBand it was super easy. Using a DAS should be like using Genie+ or ILLs. Are my only options in DLR/DCA my phone or a MagicBand+? I soo do not want to buy new MagicBands, especially if they won’t stay charged all day. At one time you could attach MDE to an Apple Watch like a wallet, but we are an Android family. Can I scan a pass like at Universal? I know this is petty, but I don’t like needing to need my phone attached to my hand all day. I like putting it away and enjoying the time with the family.

You can probably scan tickets instead of your phone. However, you will need to use your phone to make the DAS reservation for most rides.

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Oops, yes. Of course, the phone to make the DAS reservation.


I don’t know how DAS works, but the new magic bands stay charged for a long time. I charged mine before the trip and used it in the parks 2.5 days straight and never recharged. At the end of the trip it was still 3/4 of the way charged.


They are really phasing out paper tickets (saw a recent thread on DLR chat where a DL guest was refused any paper ticket method). So just in case they do force you to use your phone you can screenshot your ticket and make it your screensaver to save the step of pulling up the app & then the tickets & passes. That way you don’t have to fuddle with your phone too much. Or if you will be tapping in a lot then the MagicBand+ makes a lot of sense to get.