Using DAS and TP

We know generally which attractions we’ll use our DAS card for (Things I couldn’t get FP for like A&E, Mine Train, TSM). How do I put them in a personalized touring plan? Do I tell TP that I have a FP for it and pick a time? Will TP let me enter more than 3 FP? If I just put the attraction in my plan, it will assume I’m doing the standby line and skew the amount of time I actually spend standing in a line, which then messes up the times for the rest of the day. We plan on riding other attractions while we wait for a DAS return time.

There is not really a solution unfortunately. You also need to include time it takes to obtain your return times. Tp won’t know what your return time will be on advance on your DAS.
I would do a tp with fpp optimise for min walking
Group rides by area and evaluate. A work around would be to remove a ride or 2 from your plan in each area but make a note and still do it. DAS return time can be used anytime after your return time starts do if you get caught in a queue elsewhere you don’t lose it.
@len any advice

You could make some assumptions about FP return times, yes. There’s no limit on how many FPs you could enter per plan, so that’s a good start. Let me know how it goes.

PS: I’m on a cruise with really bad internet connectivity. I should be on dry land in a week, so in case my responses are slow, that’s why. :smile:


Thanks Len!