Using credits for those not on the plan

We are hoping to bring our parents with us on our next trip. We would be renting two studios so my parents would be on a separate reservation than us. My family would do the Dining Plan but my parents would NOT. That being said, if we happened to do a TS meal together, could we use any extra TS credits on them?
I’m guessing some may frown upon this but I’m exploring all options!

Yes you can.

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They are your credits. When they are gone they are gone so there’s no reason to think it’s frowned upon. It would just mean you will use the odd credits left over to share a meal elsewhere (non-buffet, family style, or AYCTE).

The only issue of credit sharing that has come up in the last few months was at Hollywood & Vine. Apparently there is a manager there who is not letting people share entitlements with people not staying in the same room. Hopefully this is an isolated event.


Good point, thanks! I am thinking that I would use TS credits on my parents (who are not getting the DP) for one of our pricier restaurants. Then we can pay OOP for another dinner. Anything to save a buck haha!

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There is a post on Dis boards collecting experiences from people who have been there and had problems sharing on deluxe plan in the first days of 2019. Looks like it is starting to be a problem. Not happy about that. Guess I’ll continue to follow the developments for the next few weeks.

That’s interesting. Guest services apologised to the liner who had the issues at H&V and confirmed in writing that there was no issue sharing credits with people not on your reservation.

I remember that chat. The poster on Dis said they were not allowed to use more credits than people on the reservation at multiple restaurants and it required manager approval at several others. Disney specifically says that you can use all your credits on day 1 if you want but the manager invoked the “non-transferable” clause apparently. I debate that using the credits yourself and sharing the food is technically transferring but I am not fluent in legalese. Hope someone I “know” from the forum uses this before I go in March to give me on the ground intel.

I would agree with you there. I think what they don’t want is for you to hand your magic band over to someone else who isn’t on the plan and let them use it without you there. But if you’re there paying for the meals, why does it matter? If they want to get technical about it, all you have to do is say that you wanted to try both the fish and the steak, but it is too much food for you to eat, so you’re sharing the rest of it! :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely not transferring credits if the person on the reservation uses them, regardless of who is eating the meal.

We were planning to get the Deluxe plan in April next year - we’re taking my family and there will be ten of us in total. The idea was to add the DXDP to the studio my sister, her DH and their two kids (4 and 2 at time of travel) will be in, and use the credits for character dining etc for all of us. Sounds like this could end up not being an option. I’ll definitely be interested to hear how others get on with credit sharing.