Using Child Swap in a personalized TP? help requested

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I’m setting up a personalized TP and want to use the child swap.

I clicked on the “use child swap” in the attraction.

Does the plan step (with child swap checked) account for riding the attraction twice in a row? Or do I need to add the attraction twice to get the proper timing?


I am not any of the above and i am sure they can give a more accurate answer.
But I have played with it in my plans the time does seem to increase once I add the child swap. So I think it does account for it. It is easier to notice this on a long attraction, like splash, than a short one. So I was wondering the same thing about child swap.

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thanks @combatjulie! I noticed a slight bump but wasn’t sure if it was due to my arrangement or the swap. I’ve moved it around so many times, I can’t tell any more. LOL

When I made our personalized TP for Dec 2013, I used the swap option and it did increase the time, it worked great and was pretty accurate. It is really noticeable on longer rides like Tower of Terror.

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thanks @tknew . I think that’s what was messing me up. it was a low wait time already and it just looked “normal.”

When you activate the “child swap” option, we do all of the math for you. So the ride times should assume 2 consecutive rides, plus a couple of minutes to do the swap.


Thanks @len!

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