Using Budget Fastbreak at MCO

We are going to be first-time users of Budget Fastbreak at MCO. Apparently for the first time use, I have to come to the counter to sign some papers. Anyone know how fast this process goes? We are supposed to land at 4:40 and have a 7:45 ADR dinner at Ohana, so I think we will be fine, but happy to take any tips on speeding up the process. (I suppose one parent could go ahead of other parent with kids). Staying at Swan–so I guess we have to park the car when we arrive and then get it again to drive to dinner (unless we want to pay for a Minnie Van to and fro the Poly)?

I did it on my last trip. The process is only about 5 - 10 minutes. However, the staff are in no hurry and the time between people can take just as long. They have to explain everything to you, even if not interested in additional coverage / gas plans / e-tolls.

My advice is have someone in your party go get your bags while you head to the rental car counter. It’ll save an easy 20 minutes off your time.


I haven’t taken a car to the Swan, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen people waiting at the valet stand. Or you can self park. Either way shouldn’t take too long.

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Ditto @darkmite2’s advice. Divide and conquer - if the bags still haven’t arrived by the time you complete the paperwork, go pick up fhe car and drive it back to the Arrivals pick-up area.


Agreed too. If it their first time to MCO I might have them meet at the Budget rental counter area with the bags. That way they can walk to the car together and leave without getting too “separated”.

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oooh good one.

@darkmite2 so it is true you have to go to the regular Budget counter and can’t go to the garage directly? I’m reading differing reports online.

It was my first time to use Fast Break too. I did have to go to the counter. They didn’t have a car assigned to me or anything. I still had to show my ID, decline coverage & etc… It didn’t take very long, maybe, 10 minutes or less. The longest wait I had was getting an employee to acknowledge my existence even though I was the only person there. It wasn’t a bad experience, but it wasn’t the “grab your keys & go” that was advertised.