Using an Epcot single day ticket and a Mickey's Merry Christams Party on the same day

Hello May I use an Single’s Days Admission at Epcot and then the Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party for the same day? Are you able to make fast pass + reservations on a single day ticket? thanks

Yes you can.


Do you only have one day? Yes you can but you are paying for a full day ticket and only using a half day.

No I have 5 days, but will be getting a military 4-day park hopper. Originally I was going to not go to a park that day, but it is hard to resist and since the Epcot ticket is slightly less expensive and you can take the monorail from Epcot to MK I thought that would be the quickest way to get from one park to another.

You have four day tickets you can not upgrade so you are buying a one day ticket? Are you using it on this day for 6FPs?

You know you best, but you’re looking at a potentially LONG day if you’re trying to get any value out of a single-day ticket and you plan on doing the MK party that night (including getting there early enough to make use of the fastpass blocks prior to the official party start).

I would second this and say that Epcot wears you out. It is a LOT of walking and is exhausting. Whether you “get value” out of seeing Epcot for a half day is subjective, but my concern would be more whether you’re going to be up to going late into the night for the party after trekking around Epcot during the day. If I were to combine a park and party, this would not be my combination - maybe HS in the morning, rest/nap mid-day, then head over for the party?

I have a four day military park hopper and it is a lot to get a 5 day park hopper (military park hopper doesn’t currently come in 5 day variety. Yes I would use it for 3 FP+ at MK and 3 at the other park. Is this what you meant?

Yes, I was wondering why you were not using one of your 4 day tickets on this day (much cheaper per day) than a one day ticket (over $100 for a ticket you will use until 3:00?) you will have to be at MK by 4 to use those extra FPs. To me, I would pay that $100 for a full day and not worry about the FPs but that is just me.

I was thinking of spending 5 days total at the park.

I’ll second what others have said.
With your Christmas Party ticket, you can enter the Magic Kingdom at 4 pm, book FPP for the window from 4-7 pm, then stay and party until midnight… that 8 hours total of park time, enough to exhaust the most stalwart fans, usually.
To add a $100 ticket for a full day at Epcot leading up to the party seems like a large expenditure that risks leaving you exhausted before the highlight of the day (the party!) even starts.
So you absolutely CAN do it. It’s up to you and your group whether you WANT to do it.
Also, I’m not sure if both your party tickets and epcot passes are on the same account whether you can book 6 FPP for the day or just 3… will let others weigh in. There are workarounds, of course, that require a small amount of planning and effort.

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I think you are all right. I just wanted to be in the parks as much as possible. But I don’t want us to be warn out and we don’t normally stay up until midight.