Using agents to book fastpasses?

I’m sure I read on a disney site last few days that if you want help booking fastpasses you can contact disney agents ?

Anyone else seen or done this?

I’m assuming there is a fee involved. Unless it’s just advice they give FOC and you still have to do the work?

Although I’m in to planning my day - I’m not totally in to the fastpass booking process etc and wouldn’t mind someone taking care of that for me within a few parameters if there is a service you can use out there?

Which makes me wonder what proportion of guests do take advantage of fastpass bookings and what proportion do it on their first days chance at the first minute available?

I’ve used fastpass before but never to the extent of bank on 60 days etc

When you book with Disney travel agents, some will book ADRs and FP for you. I doubt if any in the UK do though. I’d rather have control, personally.


I would never trust my FP selection/booking to someone else. I can’t give up that much control :grin:


I agree with this wholeheartedly. You often have to adjust on the fly and I would rather know which direction to adjust in than trust someone else to make that decision.