Using a Stroller in the Parks

This is my first time going to Disney with a child, my DD will almost be 2 and we will be bringing our umbrella stroller w/us. Will we be able to bring the stroller up to each ride & park it or is it just 1 spot in each area (ex.1 spot in Fantasyland in MK) and you walk w/your child to each ride? Just curious how long/often I will be using the stroller b/c I'm afraid dd not holding our hands in the parks & making a run for something.

Most rides have stroller parking and yes, every parent has that fear with their toddler (myself included). There are lots of tips on here if -- God Forbid -- your child gets lost and various ways to safeguard her. Good luck smile

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There are lots of different stroller parking areas. Some rides share a "lot," but they're usually close to each other. There are some rides that require you to park a distance from the entrance (Kali comes to mind), but it's manageable.
When I was there last, NFL was only open for preview and we couldn't bring our stroller. Had to park near carousel. I imagine, but do not know for certain, if you can bring your stroller through the new area now.

It's a mix -- some rides have stroller parking right outside and some have a shared area used by several attractions. (For example, the parking area for Small World and Peter Pan is together right next to the Rapunzel bathroom area, but the stroller parking for Dumbo is right next to the ride entrance.) You'll have a small distance where holding hands would be a good idea, so practicing at home might be a good idea.

Oh, one other tip about strollers… it isn't uncommon for strollers to be moved around in the stroller parking area by Cast Member attendants trying to consolidate the parking so that there's few empty gaps. You might want to get something identifiable to tie to your stroller so you can easily spot it at a distance, but don't get worried if you come out and you don't find your stroller where you parked it. It probably just got moved a few feet away. If you keep a photo of your stroller on a smartphone or digital camera, you can show it to the attendant and they can help you look, too.

We had a "no hand-holding, no riding" policy and it worked pretty well. Only had to invoke it a couple of times but we were really strict. You refuse to hold or let go before mom and we go directly back to the stroller. The tips for identifying your lost kid are also good. I've never had to use them but I always do them. Maybe I'm a little paranoid but we live downtown in a big city so this is part of everyday life for us.

I also got rubber bracelets (similar to the live strong ones) that everyone wears with my cell # and my name on it. My son will be 5 this trip. He knows my number but I am afraid he would panic and not be able to tell someone. When we get there I am going to show him the uniforms of various cast members and say go up to one of those and show them the bracelet.

I am also going to tell him he is allowed to yell and scream as loud as he can if he feels scared and can't find me. This is one time I want him to use that set of lungs!

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Thanks everyone, good information and makes me feel better.

We did double stroller no problem just make it identifiable (we made a sign) and bring rain/sun cover. Make sure it folds easily for taking busses as well. As for the little ones we ordered I'd bracelets from Oliver's Labels with our last name and cell (they say not to put child's first name) and put a fresh one on each day. Never needed but nice to have. Enjoy.