Using a plan

I was playing around with the lines app today to do a dry run. This will be my first time using the newer app in the parks. I’m a little confused how to activate a plan to use day of like in the old app, where you could see the posted wait time, actual wait time, etc on the same day. Anyone have any insights here?

Did you date your plan today and use opening times? It should load when the park opens.

I did but it just brings me to the main wait time screen.

What park?

I just threw together a plan for today.

Is this what you are seeing?

Yes, that’s what I see. The old app used to have posted and actual waits as well.

You could not have posted/actuals until the time of the steps? For me that is the other page.

Okay I guess that’s just the way it is now. Before they did the app redo, you could get both of those on one screen

Yeah, thats the way it is now, but I like the idea of adding the current wait (posted and actual) back to each plan step… I originally left it off because I didnt know if we would have space for it after evaluating/optimizing, but now that the app’s been up a while I think there’s a good spot for it, and that it would be useful. That way you wouldnt have to switch back and forth to the park pages.

I’m almost done adding in Genie+/LL steps (finally) and the next update after that will probably focus on load time improvements. I can probably get this added into the plan steps on that update.


Just make sure you keep the notes there. I love it!

Also, would it be possible to add the color-coded map at the bottom or top with the step numbers on it? That’s a feature I miss on my phone.


That would be amazing!

I love the map on the website version! I always find myself scrolling to the bottom of the app liking for it before I forget it’s not there.


Is this how it looked, or something similar? I like it this way too.

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I believe that is the attraction page? The new app has that same info for wdw, just not in a plan:

To update with posted/expected times on a plan wouldn’t the user have to constantly optimize so the data would pull into your plan, and then optimize again to use that data?

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