Using a Friend's Discount

We are planning a trip to WDW in 2017 with a friend, who is a huge Disneyphile. Surprisingly, she’s been to DLR numerous times but she’s never been to WDW, so we will be introducing her to it.

Her late husband was a veteran, so she can get the military discount. We’re not sure if we will be sharing one room or getting two separate rooms at this point. If we were to get two rooms, I would assume that, in order to take advantage of the discount, she would need to book them both under her name. Would Disney allow her to book a second room for my DW and me using her discount? And, if so, would it be relatively easy to link my already existing account with hers so that I can book FPPs, ADRs, etc. for all of us and pay for them myself?

My information is a little dated and I don’t have any experience with the military discount, but in 2013 I took my sister’s family along with my mom and myself to WDW. We had 2 rooms, and even though I paid for both of them, my name was not on my sister’s room, since I wasn’t staying in her room. I am an annual pass holder, and I know that I have to be there at check-in with my annual pass in order to get the annual pass discounts, si I suspect you won’t be able to take advantage of her discount, but I really don’t know.

For the second part of your qu still, it is very easy to link accounts, which will allow you to make ADRs and FP+ selections for both your group and your friend if you want to do things together. Once you set up your account in mydisneyexperience, click on my friends and family from the drop down list and then add friend on the next page, they will walk you through the process.

Unless you’re doing a meal or special event that is pre-payed, you shouldn’t have to worry about splitting payment until the end of the meal. The servers are very good about splitting checks for groups.

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Thanks, @Jadesfire21. This is very helpful.

Welcome! Glad I could help :slight_smile:

I know this thread is old and you probably have the info by now, but just in case you don’t, I can help here. She can reserve up to three rooms with the military discount. She will make the reservations and give them your name for one of the reservations when booking the rooms. The cast member will give them two reservation numbers–the one for her room and the one for your room, obviously–and then you must call back within 24 hours to pay the deposit on your room and give them any other info that they need. We are active duty and we take family with us every year. Hope this helps.