Using a DAS card with personalized touring plans?

Does anyone have suggestions for creating a personalized touring plan, using a DAS card? I’m assuming that perhaps if we make a plan and the plan sees there might be quite a wait, we would plan another ride right next to it that has a shorter wait time, then we would be able to probably go back to the other ride? Most of the rides thankfully show a 30 min or less wait time, in which case I know they will let us just immediately use the FP line instead of giving us a return time. But just curious for experiences.

In our case, we used the waiting time to do something near the ride (Tree house near Magic Carpets; water circus near Dumbo) or got a snack or did a potty break.
I did not try to plug another activity into the TP and considered the wait time “free” time.

I am curious as to why you think you’ll be let in the FPP line with a <30 min wait. We did not expericne this last April and I have not heard this to be a new policy. Is it maybe at the CMs discretion?

I was told that if the wait time is 30 minutes or less, that you are generally let into the FP line. Anything over 30 minutes and they give you a return time which is equivalent to the current queue, minus 10 minutes.

I didn’t realize there were other things like that (the tree house, the water circus) etc… So what are those things exactly?

Hmm… my understanding is that if the standby time is under 20 minutes, they send you through the standby line. Perhaps I misunderstood. I called because I was considering DAS for my elderly father for May, but a wheelchair should do us just fine.

What @mossmacl said is exactly how it worked for us a year ago. Again, I haven’t seen/heard otherwise in planning for May trip.
So if a ride has a >20 minute standby wait, your DAS will say to return 10 minutes before the standby time runs out, or whenever you want and you will be sent through FPP line. If the standby wait is <20 you will go thru standby line without using DAS.
Also keep in mind that WDW posted times are often inflated. 20 minutes may only take 10.

Swiss Family Treehouse is adjacent to Magic Carpets in Adventureland and Casey Jr. Splash n Soak Station is in Fantasyland near Dumbo, Barstormer and the restrooms.
The treehouse is a stair climb up into the tree to look around treehouse life. It’s go at your own pace. Casey’s is elephants/zoo animals spraying water. Kids can get drenched there.

Really there is so much to see and observe the waiting for the DAS return time flies by.

Just for curiosity sake, are you looking for the DAS for something like ASD, or are you looking for it for mobility issues? If it’s for strictly mobility issues, WDW will not grant the DAS but will recommend a wheelchair tag for wheelchair or stroller. That is not something I’m familiar with, so if that’s the case, maybe someone else can chime in.

Hope this helps.

Think universal assistance pass use the 30 minutes for some rides as the return cut off. My dsis was given direct entry there when wait time was less than 30 mins but it was a quiet week but 10/20 mins strictly enforced at WDW This was last month.

Okay, thanks. I must have mixed up the time. Between FP and just their listed wait times, so far everything has been under a 30 minute wait anyways, so hopefully it won’t be much of an issue. Yes, our DAS card is for each of our children, one with ASD one with SPD and joint issues. We may also be getting a wheelchair tag for our stroller so that DS can sit if he needs to while waiting.

Sounds like you have enough info now to feel comfortable with your plans. If your wait times are showing at less than 30 for most rides, you’ll probably not use the DAS as much as you think. With FPP and a good plan, that is what happened to us during 9/10 crowd days. We did utilize AM EMH and RD to hit headliners early and that made a world of difference. DAS was more helpful after lunchtime.
I’m learning more about the stroller as a wheelchair option myself and think it may be useful as DS8 w/ASD is harder to keep up with the bigger and smarter he gets…daily!

Hope you have a magical trip!

We have two ASD kids and found that with RD a good touring plan, and strategic FPPs we never needed to navigate the DAS system anyway. Never waited more than 10-15 minutes the whole trip. :slight_smile:

@mshanson3121. We used the DAS last August, for our DS (who was 9 & is ASD). I didn’t generate a personalized touring plan, so I’m not sure how to make it work there. Instead I we have a general idea what we want to do, combined with carefully planned FP+s.

We used the DAS to either ride things that we couldn’t get a FP+ for (7 Dwarfs), or that DS wanted to ride again (Test Track, Splash Mt, Kali (in August)). Depending on how far off our return time would be, we either got a return time and went else where in the park (7D return time, and then off to Frontier Land, and then back to 7D 1-2 hours later). Or we did something nearby (Safari return time, and then watched Loin King, and then rode Safari directly after Lion King).

We mainly used the DAS to be able to ride the headliners, and usually had a return time already on the DAS. We never ended up trying on the couple of rides that had a 20-30 wait, so I never found out how they would have us board the ride in that case.

We also never make it to rope drop, so using the DAS helps DS (& his brother & sister) have a good day. (Not doing RD is a family thing, plus we’ve been to WDW enough time, to no long feel the need to ride everything).

I like the suggestion (@mrsrogo) of counting it as free time, and not trying to over plan it.