Using a Covid-canceled 2 day ticket

I have a 2 day ticket in MDE from an April 2020 trip that was canceled. It was for my mom, but I’m going to reassign it to my daughter for a Feb trip. I assume that if I want to upgrade it to a 3 day ticket, I have to call? I’m considering just waiting until we get there and adding the extra day at Guest Services because I hate calling Disney. I realize I wouldn’t be able to make an APR for her for the 3rd day, but other than that, would waiting until we get there be a problem?

Alternatively, could I just purchase a new 3 day ticket for my daughter and keep the 2 day one to use for credit when I renew my Gold annual pass in April? But I suppose I’d need to call for that also. :grinning:

Thanks, I’ve never had unused tickets in 25 years of DVC ownership!


Yes - I had 6-day COVID-cancelled tickets that I was able to call and upgrade to 9-day. Note that if you change the ticket in any way, your ticket becomes dated and the the universal expiration date (I believe 12/31/21) is reset to the end of your dated ticket.

Just make sure the third day you don’t reserve for is for a park that isn’t meeting its reservation limit. There is a real risk there if you are offsite / AP vs. onsite.

Re: the universal expiration date of 12/31/21. If for some reason you are unable to use your ticket for a second time by this date, does the original rule apply that your ticket is expired but the amount you spent on the ticket can still be applied towards a new ticket. I too am in the same boat… have tickets that i purchased but passed the usage date in 2020.

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Yes you can always apply the value of wholly unused tickets to the purchase of future tickets.

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