Using a Car at OKW


I have heard several people say that OKW is good if you have a car. Why is that? In what situations would use the car rather than walking or taking Disney buses?


Just got back from OKW a few weeks ago. The resort is pretty spread out so the buses to the parks have several stops and it can be a long walk to the main area depending on which section you are in. That being said, we were in the Turtle Pond section and never had a problem. The bus situation is similar a lot of other resorts like Saratoga Springs, Caribbean Beach, etc. Just need to plan for a little extra time on the bus. And my family doesn’t mind walking so we walked up to main area (where the restaurants, main pool, etc. are) a couple of times . It was a nice leisurely 10 minute walk. You can always take the buses up to this area as well.

The Turtle Pond area does have its own decent-sized pool, snack bar, and refillable drink area close by so that area worked out really well for us. We did have a car, but never drove it on site! But we don’t mind the buses and like not having to drive ourselves - I know some people can’t stand the buses!


We also stayed in Turtle Pond and had good experience. Not sure there’s any particular situation in which I would say car > bus but here you park right outside of your villa so car is super convenient.