USF and IOA in 1 day with young kids

We are going to be at USF and IOA for 1 day - April 22. We’re traveling with 4 kids - ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 (no, I am not the mom to all of them!) We’re happy to skip the grown-up thrill rides which we have done before and the kids won’t want to do and they are too young to be into HP. Should we get the fast passes? Is it cheaper to rent a hotel room than to buy FP for a group that big, even if we don’t use the hotel room(s)? We are staying at WDW for the trip. Does anyone have TPs set up for a trip like this that I can copy? TIA!

there are tp on the uni section if the web site. You need to subscribe ( its only a few dollars) to access. Also there is uni chat on lines Download the uni lines app and you will be able to access tp in the app also. You need to price it out. There are day of fast passes that you can buy if you need them that are one use per ride. Personally I don’t think its worth the extra cost to go to Uni for 1 day with kids that young. I would wait until they are older and do an extra day at WDW this trip Im saying that as a Uni lover who will have at least 5 days there next trip. Haven’t checked park hours but think they close about 7 ish that week so kids won’t be able to get a break either if you want to go to both parks Prices for park to park are $148 for adults and $143 for each child and basic express for park to park is over $80 each making it over $220 per person x6 Thats alot to pay for 1 day where the kids are too small for alot of the rides.

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