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How does rain impact your touring? Do you put on the rain gear and soldier on? Leave the park? Avoid outdoor attractions?

If we have choices, we try to do EPCOT on a rain day, as there’s so much more that’s covered there. That said, rain, excepting the crazy hurricane season, in Orlando, is not generally a constant, all day thing. If it were, I’d probably make it my “go to the mall” day. We’ve also done Downtown Disney on really rainy days, which was running from building to building on the East side. (that was the ‘olden days’).

Put the rain gear on and do whatever is still open. MK always seemed to be the best park on a rainy day.

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Power through, baby, power through.


In January 2016 it rained pretty much all day for our EP and HS days. We had ponchos and umbrellas as well as rain boots for DD5 (still at the stomping-in-puddles stage). The rest of us just did our best to keep our feet dry. We kept right on going figuring the rain would keep the crowds away, so shorter lines! I think 12 minutes was our max wait for both days.

Ponchos on and keep going. Maybe alter the plans a little bit to avoid attractions that are less enjoyable in the rain, but otherwise take advantage of shorter lines. Also, rainy/overcast days are often good for photos, as colors “pop” more.

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That depends on how long the rain lasts and how hot it is. When it’s hot and going to rain all day then we usually just get wet and air dry if we get the chance, but we take a microfiber towel or two in Ziploc for going to TS or on the bus. We are big midday break at the resort people, so we get a chance to change clothes and dry out a bit then.

If it’s chillier, or if it’s just going to be a short shower we’ll break out the ponchos. If we have a stroller then we keep a tailored shower curtain to cover it and keep the seat relatively dry (especially when we leave it in a stroller parking lot), because those take FOREVER to dry (same goes for padded wheelchair seats!!).

Also, I wouldn’t recommend soldering a poncho… it would melt. :wink:


We’re always there in late July or August so it’s too hot for ponchos. We just carry on doing whatever we were planning. We might hang out in a shop for a little while if it’s really coming down.

I check the day’s forecast. If rain is likely to happen later in the day, I try to do the outdoor “must do’s” in the morning, especially if they are rides that shut down in rain or lightning. Otherwise, I’m like many others and wear the poncho and keep touring.

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We definitely don’t leave. We have stayed indoors a little extra time to see if it stops, but if it isn’t stopping we usually poncho up and go to indoor rides (still walking in rain in between rides).

We always pack rain gear (thanks LLBean!) and have a great time on rainy days.

In mk today during the rain. Put the rain gear on and continued on. The worst are the deep puddles in tomorrowland.

The worst part is the impact of the crowds on rides. They get swamped and the times increase greatly because of it.

Once had to leave mk because dh was soaked and comd. He did not bring his raingear that day. Hopefully lesson learned.

I always throw a poncho on and continue. The other day I did EE three times in the rain. I think HS is my favorite rainy day park. My favorite attractions are all indoors and if it rains hard enough I can do them multiple times !

We’ve had some fantastic rain experiences! I’ll never forget dancing with my kids as the skys opened up just after Illuminations ended. It was a total downpour - we were drenched in 30 seconds. But it was a warm rain, and we all just laughed and danced through the rain. The worst part was getting on the monorail for our freezing wet air conditioned ride back to the Poly. We’ve also been stuck in the Mexico pavilion during a January downpour. That wasn’t a dance through the rain kind of day. I think we did the Gran Fiesta Tour a dozen times :slight_smile: I do love the song!!

Rain shmain…we take shelter as needed in the park and continue on. We are always there when its super warm out, so that helps.

Poncho up and move on. Lines were shorter for rides. Found indoor things to do. Sat at La Cava for drinks while kids rode Gran Fiesta boat inside Mexico over and over and over.

We got some fun pics with the “umbrellas and ponchos” look. It’s a bit like wearing a belt and suspenders, but you can see it was popular that day.


You bet. I was in Magic Kingdom when the bands of rain from Katrina passed Florida. I now wear a ball cap under the poncho hood. I didn’t have one then.

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