USE reservation finder!

So I am so impressed with Touring plans!! I know I am preaching to the choir here, but we decided to do a last minute to to DW next month. The planner in me would have been on at 180 days if I had known. With that being said, in my mind I decided I would just see what we could get…SO IMPRESSED!! We got O’Hana for dinner, BOG for lunch and Cinderellas table for breakfast. Let me add I was not super open on times and days-- AMAZING!!! Thanks Touring Plans!? This alone was worth the subscription fee!


That’s great!!

Completely agree! TP found a reservation for me at CRT at a much better time than the one I originally booked…now I won’t have to worry about my son falling asleep at the (very expensive) dinner table, whew. Waiting to see if anything becomes available at Crystal Palace before park open, fingers crossed!

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LOVE IT - saved me many headaches!

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