Use of park tix

We have a trip to WDW in just 19 days. One member of our group has just cancelled. Will I be able to use their magic band for FP? If yes, do I need to use band at front entrance?
We cannot get refund on their ticket.

I can say that two years ago when one of my DS decided not to do 7DMT, I stayed back with him we gave DD his MB (and mine to DH) and they went on the ride via FPP w/ no problems so yes, that should work but I don’t know whether you’d have to scan the band at park entrance…because without it being scanned “in” would his MB work for FPP? I don’t know. But if an entrance scan was required I’m not sure what the policy would be on the CM letting you scan the “personless” band. @AuntB_luvsDisney @PrincipalTinker @Outer1 @Sam2071 @OBNurseNH @bswan26 any idea?

We used our kids MB for FPP last week when they were not even in the park. It worked at two different rides in DHS. The cast members did not even look at us weird when we tapped the bracelets we weren’t wearing at the FP entry. Not sure if this is official or just the recent state of affairs!

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Awesome, this is what I was wondering!

Where did the ticket come from? Even if you can’t get a refund you can save it for a different trip.

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I’m certain that as of today a MB does not have to be scanned to be useful. No doubt this could change. Surely the ticket can be used at a later date and prior to its expiration.

If you are saying you cannot get a refund for the tickets can you save them for a future trio? I believe you are talking about booking and using multiple day FPs. In that case I believe you are using the ticket. It is different if you bottle an AP MB- the tickets can be used multiple times throughout a year. You will be paying $300-400 for those FPs.

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Interesting. I thought one could book the FPP 30/60 days out but simply not scan the ticket at the entrance thereby preserving the ticket?

I believe you can actually scan an empty MB linked to a dummy account to get day of FPs . I would not chance booking linked FPs and then use them?

Booking the party tickets uses the ticket- right?

I believe a ticket has to be scanned before it’s used. Party tickets are purchased for specific dates so maybe they are a bit different. Not sure. Just speculating but I believe this is correct as I’m sure people have- for example- used FPP of family members that aren’t in the park without sacrificing any tickets.

So you are saying that I can link an unused 5 day ticket to someone in my profile and make FPs on that ticket and book and use five days worth and then move that ticket to someone else and use it for park entry (after booking another 5 days?)

I don’t know. Just speculation.

My understanding from reading others postings is that you can prebook and use fastpass on linked ticket without actually using that ticket for entry. So you have JoeBob’s MB and he had a 3 day park hopper attached. You prebook 3 days of FP. JoeBob’s MB is NOT scanned for entry but is used for FP access on day one. The ticket remains unused in JoeBob’s MDE profile and you can now book anothe single day of FP. Next day same thing. JoeBob’s ticket is never used for scanning entry a d remains in his account. I have never been brave enough to test this but others have posted this experience.

Lol- I may consider the new unlinked MB connected to a dummy account for 3 day of FPs (although I have an unopened purple MB I bought before they starting giving them away and I have not done this) but that other scenario sounds like a $400 gamble that I would never chance :grinning:

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A MB that has never been associated with your main MDE and without tickets will get you same day FPP at kiosks…

Yeah I know and I could do it but I guess I am just so old that I just don’t seem to need that many these days!