Use of forum for Touringplans user-to-user help?

I don’t see help info in my app, and was thinking of going to a forum to ask about the best way to develop a touring plan for a split stay. But it’s not clear to me whether that’s appropriate. If I’ve overlooked guidance on that, my apologies. Suggestions about the most appropriate place for these site/app-related questions?

Well you’re in the forum, so that’s a good start :blush:

The touring plans help you to plan out a single park visit, but you have to decide which day and which park. They don’t tell you which parks to visit, which I think is what you’re asking, though I’m not totally sure. If you need help to decide that, the crowd calendar is a good place to start, so you can see which parks are predicted to be busier and see which if any have extra magic hours for resort guests.

If you have a question that can’t be answered by people on the chat facility or here on the forum, or by reading the touring plans blogs, you can email for technical advice.