Use my TP Subscription for another's trip?

Hey you guys. My father in law and his wife are coming to meet my family during our February 2019 trip for two nights and one park day. They are staying in their own room and not with us. I would like to help them out with the planning and the resort room request. Can I set up a separate trip with my TP subscription to do a Room Request Fax for them? I started a new trip but if I make any changes on the new one it reflects on my trip. Thanks yall.

I first subscribed TP in 2015, my account then got closed and I just re-opened it for my upcoming trip and my plans from 2015 are still available so I’d expect it to work. Plus a subscription is for a year, not for a trip so I assume multiple trips are OK.

I’ve done it for my friend but only when I haven’t had an overlapping trip.

The subscription is really cheap particularly when you consider what you get. The TP people put in a lot of leg work and eat a lot of theme park food to earn those subscriptions. Would it break the bank to buy another subscription? I hope this doesn’t sound offensive.

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Valid point and I didn’t take it as offensive. I would not be using any actual Touring Plan for them. The main thing I wanted to do was use the Room Request stuff. I see what you are saying but to be fair, theme park food at Disney is pretty good lol

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