Use FastPasses Early at MK in September?

We are planning our second trip for this Sep (9/10-9/16). The last time we went was Sep 2012, before FPP. I did use TP last time, and it worked wonderfully although the park was so empty sometimes the plan didn’t even matter. Am trying to manage expectations and still plan well this time, especially in light of FPP and last September’s “crowds.” My MK TP keeps telling me that I don’t need to get 3 FPP early in the day, with th exception of Seven Dwarves. It says our wait times (after lots of optimizing) are low and we should wait and use FP later in the day to ensure we can ride Haunted House & Peter Pan without a long wait. I got all those FP this morning but now I’m second-guessing the plan. Should I do things differently (go against my optimized TP) and FP some of the early rides even though the wait time is like 4-8min, just to allow myself the opportunity to have more FP later in the day?

Part of me wants to leave things how they are and not have to worry about getting more FP the day of. The other part of me wants to hedge my bets against the possibility of higher-than-expected Sep crowds, and not listen to TP. But last time TP was right about everything!! Help please??

Even with “higher” crowds you usually would not need a FP at MK until after 10:30 (maybe 9:30 for PP). Can you link your plan (make it public first)?

Sure! There’s a bit of walking but not too much criss-crossing for our group, I don’t think. I am trying to get main touring done before Wishes even though there are EMH that night, because my parents are coming with us & they will likely head back to the room after Wishes. The rest of us can try for 2nd round rides after that.

I plan to get mine all early so that I have the option to get more each day. My TPs also tell me to use them later, but I will get them early and then reoptimize/evaluate around my FP times.

Are you going to be there for RD? If so, add in the morning welcome show and re-evaluate. Your first item might even do better than it already is.

I think you should leave it like it is. You don’t have a wait for anything that’s very long. Even with a FPP, some rides have short waits, so why burn them off if you don’t need them?

Now, that said, check on your plan, maybe once a week and then a few times in the 2 weeks before your trip. If anything changes, you can change your FPP. Most rides (not all, never 7DMT) will still have some availability left for changes.

The times look good! The only things I would worry about are your Enchanted Tales wait and lunch/dinner scheduled so close together?

Thanks everyone for your feedback! @PrincipalTinker I know, lunch and dinner are close. We were so stuffed the whole week last time, this time our plan is to share a lot of our QS lunches. So, I’m thinking that will help. Also, I have been skeptical about Enchanted Tales, but when I looked at the graph on TP that shows normal wait times throughout the day, it looked like the time we’re going will be OK. Enchanted Tales isn’t a must-do for us, so I figure we can skip it if the wait is longer than expected.

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Yes, we plan to be there for rope drop. I didn’t know you could add that to your TP, thanks for the heads up!

It sounds like we will probably be good and fingers crossed about September still being quiet? If not, @nevahuddleston you will probably end up with a better plan!

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