US Prepaid SIM in UK phone

Hi Liners!
9 sleeps ‘til Disney. Is it worth dropping a pre-paid US network SIM into my phone? I never seem to know how to dial US numbers from my UK mobile! And it’s probably expensive via our O2 (Tesco mobile) network. I’ll be making reservations, Uber etc.

Unless you have a plan that covers the US, my guess is you’ll want to get a US SIM card. You will want to make sure whatever phone you have will work on US networks, but hopefully the companies that sell the SIM cards help with that.

Otherwise you are at the mercy of Disney WIFI, which can be spotty/unreliable sometimes.

You should be able to dial 00 - [country code, 1 for US] - [three digit area code, 407 for Disney numbers] - [seven digit phone number], if you need to, but a SIM card is probably the cheaper option. If your phone uses GSM technology, just make sure you get a SIM card that uses the same. Some US carriers use CDMA instead.