US Phone Sim Card Deal - 8gb 4G a month, 3 months, $20 total

Hi guys, I spotted this Sim Card deal with Mint Mobile (T-mobile network) as I’ve got a dual sim phone and plan to put in a US card for data and US calls and use my UK one for calls to my family etc which I’ve got a deal on already, but only comes with 3G.

It’s usually $20 a month but with the code CHUNKYTWEET added when it asks for a coupon (‘have a coupon?’ on the basket) it takes off $40 and just makes it $20 total with tax and some small other charge.
Anyway, seemed like a deal and there’s no tie in so for others coming to the US for an extended trip it might work well too. We got US friends to buy it and send it over.
Hope someone finds it useful!


Does that work in reverse. I have T Mobile and hope to visit England September or October.

I doubt it. Worth checking with T Mobile and seeing what their roaming deal is. Unlike most of your networks T-mobile are a network here in the UK though so it’s possible they’ll have something.

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I found this, to give you an idea of options. Good point is to make sure your phones actually cover UK/EU bandwidths!

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I will check when I am ready to go. I have one neice getting married in Lancaster PA in August. Another neice is planning a wedding in Alabama. That is a road trip from here. I need to save some vacation time for these events.