US EE affecting 2nd day of Two-Day/Two-Park Plan with EE

The Two-Day/Two Park Plan w/EE offered through touringplans assumes IOA is the park with EE. Part 1 of the second day begins with HPFJ at IOA. Part 2 begins with the Animal Actors show at US.
But now, US apparently is the designated EE park for the moment.

What is the best way to take advantage of EE at US on Day 2 and not do a repeat of Day 1’s plan?

Thank you!

This may not be the best reply, but I like doing personalized touring plans and putting in exactly what I want, rather than using stock plans. Have you tried playing around with a personalized plan? Put in your date and then start entering what attractions at US you want to do and see what the plan does when you optimize it.

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Rides open at EE in USF are DM which you should do first and Gringotts. You might also get Transformers or RRR but these haven’t been open recently. Animal actors is not a priority and is a good filler mid day when other rides are busy.