URGENT Epcot RD Feedback

I have a group that just can’t pull another early RD. We will likely leave our accom at 8:00, which is going to put us arriving at EP at 8:30 - at the back of the RD pack, just as the park opens to regular day guests. Early entry guests will already be in there.

  1. In this scenario, would you use the IG entrance or the main entrance? Initially, I was thinking main entrance, but then I started to wonder about ubering to the Swolfin and using the IG entrance hoping it won’t be as busy since that is primarily early entry resort guests.
  2. Where would you head first? We’ll have genie+, I’m going to pull right at 7 - so we might have a pass that dictates where we go, but if we don’t, where would you head if you were back of the pack?

My preference is always IG, but I haven’t been since October 2020, which was a totally different dynamic.

I think you are also correct that your Genie+ selection should dictate where you enter.

From the IG I would go to Remy. Even with a queue you can then head either way round to FW.

Will you go to Remy? That line builds very fast, if it is out to to bridge, I would go somewhere else unless it is your only chance and it is a “must do”. I believe you can only go towards Canada at that time to other attractions.

Definitely will NOT go to Remy. We are off property and might try to pull it at a drop. My only thought with IG is that it might be less crowded to get through security and the taps at that time. We are already going to be behind the pack so the extra distance between us and future world might not add much of a disadvantage?? Or at least feel a little less hectic arriving?

I always prefer IG. Even when it’s crowded, there are fewer people than the front entrance. Though I haven’t tried it right at park open. And I would guess that most folks might head to Remy, so if you are headed to Canada, it will be even less crowded.

It is, although the skyliner drops people off right there.

i’m thinking this is going to be my go. Anyone know if it’s still safe to uber to swolfin? I’m thinking yes.

This is just so against my instincts! And I know my party is fine not doing all the things, but my type A is fritzing a bit. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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I pulled 9:20 FEA on genie so that’s a solid start. hopefully the early second pull when we tap in will help us a bit.


Yes getting dropped off at swan/dolphin hasn’t been an issue.

Thanks - didn’t think I had seen any reports of issues but hadn’t been paying much attention since it wasn’t on my radar for this trip.

If that is your start, then going to IG versus front gate won’t make a bit if difference, IMO.

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I’ll be curious what I see. We decided to go in via IG because that will allow everyone to get a light breakfast either at Dolphin or at Boardwalk Bakery. Then, we can just head to FEA and start the day there.

Hoping we’ll tap in right at start of FEA window. Since it’s pretty early in the morning, thinking I’ll be able to pull soarin.’ That should set me up for a 2 hour window to be able to pull Test Track at the 11:31 drop as long as that works. Going to try for the 9:55 Remy drop - only $9 today. We said if it was under $10 we’d do it.

Have I mentioned how much I hate the genie? They need to start using the red Jafar genie in the branding.


If Soarin looks like the return time is not great for you, I’d head there right after FEA. It seems to have pretty low wait times in the morning.

The 9:55 drop for Remy has been inconsistent. Try it, but don’t bank on it.

You should easily be able to get TT at the 11:32 drop as long as you’re not in the Soarin queue. (Bad signal). It’s been very consistent.

Remy has been popping up fairly consistently at the normal drops. If you can quickly get TT at 11:32, I’d try to get Remy right after. If that doesn’t work, try for the 1:32 pm drop.

Good luck!


Late afternoon update. FEA was down but just rode a bit later. Have been able to pull pretty much everything I wanted, including Remy, using drops and refreshing. Timing worked out pretty well despite no RD and FEA being down at start.


Which entrance did you end up using? And how were the lines for security and tapping in?

Used IG - my theory was that resort guests would already be in or not coming until later. Think I was right - no lines when we arrived between 8:30 and 9. Walked right through security and the taps.

ETA this was on a day when opening was schedule for 8:30, resort had early access at 8.


That sounds blissful! Glad it worked out.

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