Upgrading to hopper tix

I called DW today to upgrade just one of the 5 days I have to a hopper, and was told I would need to update all 5 days to hoppers, not just one day, and I thought that was pretty crazy. If I want to go to one park per day for 4 days and park hop on my 5th day, I think I should have that option. Just venting.

You do have that option. You just have to pay the cost for a 5 day ticket, because that’s what you’ve got.

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Park Hopper is an option you add to your ticket, not to “days”. So either a ticket gives you park hopper access or it doesn’t. Whether you choose to park hop on any of the days is up to you.


It’s stinky but that’s how it works.
You could buy a 4 day base ticket and a separate hopper for the number of days you want to hop
But that would cost you more
Which is why it’s not an option - Disney needs to make bank

I too wish there was a middle of the road option that was say half the normal hopper upcharge and allowed up to x number of days of hopping with the remainder one park per day.

Yea they do, the 10gs this is costing isn’t enough lol

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Now you’re catching on!

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I want the option to hop one day not have to pay 5 days of hopping when I only want to hop 1 day.

You’re not really paying for “5 days of hopping”. You’re paying for the ability to hop on as many or few days as you want. The cost to add on park hopping to a base ticket is less than the cost of a one-day ticket.


What Ryan said.

Also, keep this in mind. The difference of adding park hoppers to a 3-day ticket is about $77. The difference of adding park hoppers to a 5-day ticket is $73! And for an 8 day? $71. So, in a way, the price of park hoppers gets cheaper the more days you have on your ticket.


It’s like going to the movies and they only sell small or large popcorn, but the amount you want to eat is somewhere between the 2, and you’d like a 3rd option priced accordingly.

Let me add say $35 to a ticket with more restrictive hopping if that’s all I want to hop.

That is true. The problem for me is that going from a 5 day to a 6 day ticket - if I were just adding a day- is $405 total for the four of us. But going from 6 to 7 days or 7 to 8 days is waaaay cheaper on a per day basis. I

I mean I see your point, but in that case, there is NEVER an option to buy a medium popcorn for anyone regardless of what movie they see or what day they see it. Disneyworld on the other hand does sell a one day hopper, so it is an option for sale. It could be done and is done in some instances. But as was explained to me it does make sense that I am paying for the “chance or option” to hop if I want, so I get that now.
To me adding $320 to only hop one day is steep, so I guess I’ll just keep it as is.

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Exactly. I would have liked to hop one day on my last trip, but not for the almost $400 total extra it would have cost the family. The more incrementally priced options for different levels, the better, as a consumer.

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I would leave your tickets as they are for now.

When you’re there you can decide whether you actually want to hop on any day and do it in person. It won’t make a difference to the cost but at least you can make sure it’s worth it to you at that moment. If you upgraded now and then ended up not hopping you’d be even madder about it.


See, this is where your thinking went wrong. That not how Disney bean-counters think.

This is why in planning I decided to make it a longer trip with base tickets. Because adding a day(s) is a tiny bit more.

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Yea looking back on it I think I should have just added a day to my trip.
I have 6 days now-one day at each park plus one park a second day, and then one pool/ Disney Springs day. In another post I was asking advice on which park I should visit twice, and based on feedback from that I am going to do MK twice. I’m happy with that choice , and am sticking by it, but still wish I could do at least a half more day at Epcot. I just feel doing all the rides I want to there, I won’t have enough time at Epcot to really take my time and enjoy the World showcase as much as I would like, but I guess you just can’t do everything. And I don’t want to skip out on my pool/ .DS springs day. Oh well overall Im very excited ab the trip just was kind of trying to talk/type my way into squeezing it all in


But who knows, maybe they extend the 11-9 hours, that would be an easy fix :slight_smile:


That’s what becoming a Disney addict is for. You keep handing them over more and more of your money in a desperate attempt to do it all. Which, of course, is impossible. :slight_smile: