Upgrading to AP Online

Has anyone tried upgrading an unused park hopper purchased from Undercover Tourist since the option to upgrade online was introduced? Last time I upgraded a PH from UT, I did it at Guest Services on the second day of my trip, after having already used it to enter the parks. I’d like to save time and hassle by doing it online before my trip, but I’m not too optimistic that the process will truly be smooth sailing… :grimacing:

I’m wondering:

  • Does this work with an unused ticket from a third-party seller (if the ticket is already linked in MDE)?

  • Will I get the full benefit of gate price doing it online? I should save ~$71 since I bought the most expensive PH from UT and I don’t want to lose out on that savings!

  • Can I use Disney gift cards to pay for the upgrade? This would save me an additional ~$20 since I stock up on Disney cards at Target at 5% off.

  • Will I get a complimentary MB for the upgrade (and how long does it take to come)?


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I don’t think you can upgrade any ticket that’s been bought from a third party seller online.

I’m pretty sure you have to do it in person at Guest Services.

Also, with an AP you only get the special magic band after you’ve used your AP. There was a small GS at Liberty Square where you could collect them. Otherwise you get it through MDE, for customisation, after your first stay I believe.


That’s helpful! Thanks! Guess I will just be paying a visit to GS at some point on my first day. :slightly_smiling_face: