Upgrading to Annual Passholder - parking and MVMCP

In addition to our planned family vacation this summer, we are now also heading back in December for my daughter’s dance. It appears that upgrading from PHP to a Disney Platinum Plus annual pass may save money - I’m still working it out. I have a couple questions and I’m hoping you all can help me out with the decision.

  1. I saw something - fleetingly - that suggested there may be blockout dates for PARKING. It was one of those times when you search for something and another unrelated result pops up and you read the first half sentence while clicking the link for the result you really wanted . . . . And then I was like, “Wait! What do you mean ‘blockout dates on parking’?!” It seemed to be related to the Florida Resident pass, which does have blockout dates, so that would make sense. But I can’t find the link again! Anyone know if there are PARKING blockout dates, on the APs despite no blockout dates on the pass? I looked all over Disney’s website and I didn’t see it, so again, I’m thinking it was related to restricted passes but I’d love a little guidance!

  2. Does anyone know what the discounted cost for MVMCP is for AP? Has anyone purchased them? It stinks that I can’t see what the price and availability are. How quickly do these “limited availability” tickets sell out? If I upgrade at the end of June, will there be tickets for end of November?

  3. Since we’re going during the July 4 peak period - and I will have an AP but my family will have PHP tickets - will there be increased chance of one of us (I can’t remember who gets priority) will not make it into the park if capacity is reached? I know the chances are REALLY low, and we’re not going to be there on the actual holiday, but just want to know going in!

  4. Just to confirm - because I’m superparanoid about this stuff . . . I can just go to Disney Springs’ Guest Services when I arrive to upgrade, right? I don’t need to activate the ticket first, right?

Thanks in advance!

  1. There are no blockout dates on parking with platinum AP. The only blackout may be food discounts at holiday peak times- if at all.

  2. The discount is about $5 on select nights.

  3. If you are staying onsite, I would not worry- until SWL opens.:grinning:

  4. Yes, very easy- although if you have a discounted ticket I would use it once.

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Thank you!!

As for upgrading at Disney Springs: We were going to eat dinner there and I figured I’d get the discount for dinner. However, 10% of about $90 is $9. And if there are other cost concerns, then I’m “all ears” :wink:

I’m trying to review all the info on upgrading in this forum, and let’s be honest - it’s a little (a lot!) overwhelming (and I thought I was a really pro planner!!).

Is the idea that if I bought my tickets at the lower 2017 price, and I use them at the park once, then I won’t have to pay additional money toward the upgrade? Does anyone know what that cost difference is?

I just realized you can’t answer my question without knowing what I paid. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry about that.

I have 4D PHP tickets for which I paid $440 base price. Looks like these are now selling for $480 - total difference of $40.

So if I use them once, do I get the $40 benefit? Or is it based on the previous price of the Annual Plan?

Thanks again!

If you use them once that should lock in that you paid $480 for them and it will cost $40 less to upgrade.

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Well, that’s certainly worth it. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Follow-up question for you: Since we have Park Hopper Plus tickets, can we “lock-in” the rate by going to a Water Park first, or does it only work if we go to one of the four Theme Parks?

Thanks in advance!

FWIW, I booked a package with 3-d tix before the price increase in Feb (I think that’s when the prices increased). On arrival day, we were eating at CG so I stopped by guest services outside MK gates and upgraded to an AP so I could get my discount at dinner and we were right there anyway. FWIW, the CM charged me the difference in price between the current gate price of 3-d ticket and AP–it was about $40 less than if they’d charged me the difference between the price I paid for 3-d ticket thru Disney and the current AP price. YMMV.

Cool - thank you!!

That will lock in that you must get Platinum Plus APs. Is that what you want? Often getting the platinum AP and buying separate water park tickets can save money?

We are visiting the water parks three times, so I do think I need the Platinum Plus plan - unless I’m missing something in my calculation? Is the water park discount better than that? I figure there is also an opportunity cost of the aggravation of having to purchase these tickets separately.

Thank you!!

FWIW, the earlier in the day you go to DSGS the better!