Upgrading to an Annual Pass

DD21 and I are thinking about doing our mother-daughter trip next May, right after she graduates. (Woo-Hoo!!) Right now we have 8 day park hoppers for our upcoming June trip. I know I can use the current tickets toward the AP, but do we need to use the 8 day tickets once before upgrading? (I bought them from OTC) I’m most concerned about Memory Maker. Is it effective immediately after I upgrade? I’ve never had an AP so I’m a complete newby!!

Yes you have to use it once and know what the bridge price will be. I think since the photos automatically go into your account you will still get them a day later.

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Great! Thanks so much!

yay for DD graduation amiga!!!

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Good and bad! Hahaha! She’ll graduate next May, then go to grad school for two years! :moneybag:

It’ll be worth it for the wonderful future ahead of her amiga!!!

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Very true!!!

Does that mean that if I upgrade to an annual pass the first day of my arrival, I will be given MM as part of that upgrade and then after my trip, I can download any/all pictures that I want? I won’t have to worry about pre-paying MM before arriving; and in fact, that would be a poor use of money if I do upgrade to an AP?

Also, I have a 5 day PH ticket. Does it matter which day I upgrade to an AP? Would it affect my price if I upgrade on day 1 of use versus day 3 or 5 of use?


If you have discounted tickets you should use them once and then go to guest services to upgrade. Do not buy MM before your trip! It is free with your AP. My son has an AP too and his photos show up in his own account but when his girlfriend and her son were with us I had them on my resort reservation and I linked her ticket into a profile I added to my account so I downloaded all her photos too.

Make sure if you do have a discounted ticket that they charge you the difference of an AP minus the full price ticket. You will get a card that gives you 10% discount in all the stores. You can also buy a tables in wonderland card for $150 if you want.

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Thanks so much for your helpful information!!

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Thanks. I don’t have a discounted PH because I bought it as part of our package (resort/free dining/PH…and yes, I did calculate to see whether I’d save money this way with the dining and I will).

OK, so I’m going to upgrade when I’m there, on the first day. And, I’ll use the 10% discount too:-)

If it is not discounted then you can upgrade before you go into the parks. @Fatty_McButterpants had luck doing it over the phone I think.

From my notes: if you want to call- 407-566-4985 option 5. Ticket specilaist

I believe you would still have to activate at GS like a voucher .

Oh, interesting. OK, might do that!

I am going to try to invite @Fatty_McButterpants to this thread for info.

Yes, I was able to upgrade unused tickets over the phone before arrival like @PrincipalTinker said. The regular WDW phone CM told me it couldn’t be done, but the ‘Ticket Specialist’ did it in about 5 min and it immediately showed up in MDE.

Our reservation was Room Only with separately purchased tickets though, so I’m not sure if there would be any issue upgrading tickets that are part of a package.

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The phone number @PrincipalTinker posted is the same number I called with success


Thank you! This is very valuable information!

Thanks! Great info!

@PrincipalTinker, can you think of any reason why I shouldn’t be able to purchase the upgrade with Disney gift cards? Thinking of a little extra savings by purchasing them at Target. :slight_smile:

You definitely can! You should move them all to one card at www.disneygiftcards.com.

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