Upgrading tickets to AP before I go

I have a trip in October and February booked, I want to upgrade just my ticket to AP. Can I do this now or do I have to wait until I get to the park?

If you bought your tickets directly from Disney, you can upgrade before either by MDE app or phone call.

If you bought from a reseller, you’ll have to upgrade on site at guest services. Usually a good idea to tap into the park at least once before you upgrade to help keep the reseller discount.

Caveat: recently at least one person on Lines chat reported being able to upgrade reseller tickets before trip via phone, but I think that was the exception to the rule and not a common occurrence.

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Does the one year start from the beginning of your original ticket? Or from the day you activated it as an AP? If the latter, I could see some benefit of getting an extra week, but I’m guessing its the former.

Also, if you are going on blackout dates (and are getting a lower-tier AP), I have heard you can wait till the end when you are on site and then the blackout dates don’t count against you. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’ve never heard anything about that blackout date info at all, so can’t answer to that. (Would be interested to know! Cool angle.)

AP will always start from the first day of use of the original ticket.

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