Upgrading tickets at GS and FPP

Hi everyone,

Question - I currently have a 6 night stay with 6 day PH tickets booked. I know everyone in the room has to have the same package, but my DH has to leave VERY early on checkout day compared to everyone else so I only booked 6 days. However, the rest of us would enjoy and are able to go to the parks on that 7th day. Can we upgrade the tickets at GS for only part of our group? Or because the tickets were part of a MYW package will they know and require us to upgrade everyone in the room anyways? I just looked and it is only $16 each to upgrade so if they are going to make us do all tickets anyways I would much rather do it now and book FPP for everyone. Anyone have any experience with this?


yes you can upgrade at gs for part of your group.

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As it is only $16 per person I would upgrade now so that you can book FPP in advance for the rest of the group.