Upgrading resort?

What is the process if we decide to upgrade our resort? We are currently booked for POR for 7 nights in mid June, but we are doing 3 days at MK and 2 days at Epcot - only 1 each of AK and HS. Thinking about maybe switching to Contemporary for the monorail access to those parks 5 of our 7 days; I am very concerned about the reliability of the bus depots at POR. We have PPO ADRs for breakfasts 5 of the 7 days we will be there. We have always stayed at the Contemporary and love the convenience, but due to cost and lack of Disney theme at the Contemporary, we were going to try POR royal room this time. But now I’m having doubts. Obviously cost will be much greater, but if we can swing it, then how would I go about changing the resort? Would we have to start all over with ADR and FPP choices? If so, then we are not going to switch, but if it’s a matter of a phone calls and everything else can stay the same regarding ADRs and FPPs, then I’m tempted for the convenience…

Your ADRs and FPP will definitely not be affected. Are you within your 60 days? Your biggest concern will probably be availability at CR!

Or look into any of the Epcot deluxe resorts. Should cost less. If you have 2 EP plus 1 HS, that offsets 3 at MK. We flound it very convenient.

Yes, we are within 60 days. CR does still have availability for when we go.

When you cancel a stay you will get an email warning you that your FPs will be cancelled within 24/48 hours (not sure on exact time frame).

But as long as you have rebooked then you’re fine.

ADRs will be totally unaffected.

We stayed at POR in Jan and found the buses to be reliable enough. You could always spring the $20 for a Minnie Van if you feel the bus won’t get you to your destination in time.

Yes, the $20 for a Minnie Van - even if used every day we are there - will still be less than one night at Contemporary! :slight_smile: