Upgrading park ticket to AP ahead of time

So, generally, I see getting an AP these days as not generally worth it. But we are potentially looking at doing three trips in under a year.

If it were JUST calculating tickets, even three trips wouldn’t necessarily provide a cost benefit. However, I am thinking about the other savings, such as food discounts (20% in some cases instead of 10% I get with Disney Visa) and discounts on party tickets, etc.

Anyhow, all this to say…is it possible to upgrade a single day ticket (already purchased) ahead of time to an AP?

Since I plan to book HDDR, for example, having the AP could allow me to book it at the AP discount. And…does Disney still allow this kind of upgrade? I was watching Disney in Detail a couple days ago, and one of the questions she answered was whether you can upgrade a 14 day ticket (she from the UK) to an AP…and the answer was you used to, but no longer can. It made me wonder if Disney is trying to squelch upgrading to APs in general.

I would look in your MDE account and see if there is a modify option on your ticket and if upgrading to an AP is one of the possible modifications.

Good idea. I checked…but it doesn’t allow changing to an AP from MDE…if I can do it, I assume I will have to call.

I also realized that the AP really doesn’t get any better deals on food than the Disney Visa…the only places that do 20% appear to be Joffreys. So no additional savings there.

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I sent a message to chat regarding upgrading my 6 day park hoppers. They said if I do not see the option in MDE I would have to upgrade onsite at Guest Services. That as long as I have 1 park day left it should be fine. That doesn’t help getting HHD discounts. If you call and get a different answer, please let me know. I would rather do it before we go than try to make time when we are there. I also plan to visit 2 more times in the next year so I would like to upgrade my ticket to an AP. Probably won’t do DHs though as he may or may not go on future trips this coming year.

When I’ve heard of people doing it, this is how they do it.

We still have to make some decisions about our dates and such before I can say for sure if it is an option…but I’m trying to figure out the logistics of taking full advantage of it if I do. Waiting until I am on-site just (slightly) diminishes any benefit I can get from it.

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I have upgraded existing unused tickets to APs by calling in the past. I also found that to use more than one gift card to purchase an AP you have to call as well.

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This is what I’m struggling with. Since you can’t upgrade at the resorts (as far as I know), my ideal day would be my LAST day at Disney Springs. I would a) have to add a day to my ticket to be eligible to upgrade and b) miss out on the extra 10% savings on merch purchases. I’m bringing a 2 yr old that I’m sure I will have all kinds of problems saying no to. So this could really add up :rofl:

AP has a much larger list of locations. For example, at HS, the Disney Visa has a discount at Mama Melrose, Sci-Fi, and Hollywood Derby (on most dates, there are some restrictions). The AP discount applies to those restaurants and also 50’s Prime Time Cafe and Hollywood & Vine.

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