Upgrading Park hopper plus tickets

Purchased seven day park hopper with waterpark and more option back in February before pricing increase. Tried to upgrade to nine day ticket and had problems because they don’t offer same exact ticket. Purchased original tickets from Parksavers. I thought it was going to be $120 to upgrade three adults one child from 7 to 9 days. They say 320. Anyone know anything about this

Had to use one parkday before I can upgrade

It seems as if Disney has not been bridging tickets these days.

I can’t say for sure on $numbers, but FWIW:

While working on my AP upgrade spreadsheet I’ve heard from some people trying to upgrade to AP (not increase park days as you are) who said that those with pre-price increase tickets were experiencing CMs requiring them to pay the price differential to get to the new pricing - which kills the whole bridging discount tickets advantage.

Also, as usual, CMs were not standardized on how they calculated the upgrade. I’d try another location to add days - hope it works (or worked) out for you!

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