Upgrading MYW to AP

Scenario: Let’s say I have a 10-day Magic Your Way (MYW) ticket. I use it to enter Epcot on June 1. I then decide to upgrade to an AP.

Question: What gets applied to the purchase of the AP upgrade?

a) The amount I originally paid for the MYW ticket
b) The value of a regular date-based 10-day hopper ticket with a start date of June 1
c) 90% of the amount I originally paid (since I already used one day)
d) 90% of the value of 10-day date-based ticket with a start date of June 1 (since I already used one day)
e) Some other amount (if this, how much?)
f) I should have upgraded to AP before going to Epcot (if this, please tell me why )

Good question. We did this years ago, and it was the bridge between the price of the ticket and the AP. You using the ticket does not change the value of your 10 day ticket.

What I don’t know is if you can purchase a discounted ticket and then continue to get that discount off of Disney’s gate price, My assumption is they will make you pay the difference - so your savings is gone. I hope i am wrong.

I should say that I’m hoping for B, but expecting some form of E near A

I know it’s no longer the bridge between current ticket price and AP. My understanding is It’s the price between what you paid and current price.

Unless I’ve missed them, there really have not been any reports of people attempting to bridge reseller tickets since the pandemic.

Old times, with the right CM if you used a day on your reseller ticket they’d often credit you the GATE price of your ticket and you’d pay the difference to get to AP price.

Not every CM had the skills or apparently could math, so I had a spreadsheet out there people would use to crunch the numbers and have a screen cap of what they expected to pay.

I’d love to hear some reports on people upgrading now.

I paid $598.13 for a 5 day hopper through Boardwalk Ticketing. I then paid $378.76 to upgrade to a Sorcerer Pass. So $976.89 total. A Sorcerer Pass is $969 plus tax, so I think I successfully bridged?

ETA - The CM had to put me on hold several times to complete the transaction because of the way the original ticket was coded, but she was able to do it in the end.


If you brought the ticket directly from Disney, then you will pay the difference between what you paid for the 10 day ticket and the AP.

If you bought the ticket from a discount reseller, try to bridge it and let us know!